Quite a number of Porsche owners have gone out and purchased a new GT-R since it’s launch in the US in the middle of this year. There’s various reasons to do this but hopefully, some do it because they are open minded and are interested in driving fast over what badge is on the front of the car.

Chris over at NAGTROC owns both a 700hp 997 turbo and a new GT-R and has had the chance to run both cars at Thunderhill Park Raceway on the same day in the same conditions and has had the chance to measure it with a TraqMate GPS recording device.

In his first day out at this track in the GT-R he managed a laptime of 2:05 which was two seconds faster than his previous best in the 997.

The same day in the same conditions in the 700hp 997TT he managed a 2:07 in the Porsche but in an untimed session (due to the TraqMate becoming unplugged) may have managed a 2:05 or 2:04.

Overall he rates the chances of a standard 997TT vs a standard GT-R to be slim to none at that track. Interesting indeed. A few more photos after the jump but check the link on NAGTROC for the rest.

Source: NAGTROC via GTRBlog.com