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NISSAN360 in Portugal Vol.1

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Nissan 360 is a unique opportunity to understand the passion and innovation that drive Nissan, Nissan's brands and Nissan's 224,000 employees around the world.
Since the first Nissan 360 event from San Francisco, California in 2004, over 30 new products have been launched including the Return of a Legend, the GT-R. During this program, Nissan delivered a unique 2-day opportunity designed to experience their design philosophy, latest innovations, new technologies, the rich Nissan history and Nissan's exciting future. Over 60 different Nissan and Infiniti vehicles from all over the world was available to drive in a variety of track and road conditions.

The program's location in Portugal offers a picturesque setting, great weather, a variety of driving roads as well as outstanding facilities and world famous Portuguese hospitality.

Location 1: Estoril Circuit
* Sports cars: GT-R, G37 Coupe, 350Z coupe NISMO will be available on the track only, with instructors.
* INFINITI: Full range available for public road test driving.
* LCV: Public road test driving and "maneuverability zone" in the paddock.
* 4x4: 4x4 track for "low gear experience" with instructors, no loops.
* Workshops: Passion for Driving, INFINITI, LCV.
* Loops for public road driving experience: 4 loops
Short loop: 15 min; City road: 20 min; Coast road: 35 min; Motorway: 35 min

Location 2: Cascais Hippodrome
* Passengers cars: City cars, Sedan cars, MPV, Crossover, 4x4...
* Workshops: Technologies, Environment.
* Loops for public road driving experience: 3 loops
City loop: 15 min; Coast road: 25 min; Motorway: 35 min

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