As NISMO explained ealier, the main purpose for the participation in Tokachi 24 Hours Race is the test of NISMO Optional Parts and NISMO Competion Oil for Nissan GT-R.
This race car is designed not for the fastest lap but for reliability on long term driving. At Tokachi 24 Hours Race, NISMO wants to collect as much data as possible for development of these products.
Therefore, this MOTUL NISMO GT-R's main components such as engine, gearbox etc are stock.
Racing with stock based car like this time tend to have problem of heating. In such a situation, major modification on this race car is cooling devices to make the car run 24 hours constantly.

Text: Shunsuke Takeuchi

So, let's start looking at what NISMO done for MOTUL NISMO GT-R from in terms of cooling.
As you can see the front photo, the intercooler is stock and air-con radiator is removed. We were surprised at radiator is stock as well.
Usually, production race car has big capacity radiator. It is very interesting if NISSAN GT-R's stock radiator is enough for production class racing. Air guides for the intercooler and radiator is stock as well because the stock air guides are well designed. Engine Oil Cooler is located in the right side of front bumper. The location is the same as the stock car but oil cooler itself is changed to bigger one.
As mentioned before, the VR38DETT is stock, and only the difference is numerous sensors for data logging.
Collected huge amount of data through these sensors will feedbacked to the forthcoming NISMO Optional Parts.

NISMO will use stock fuel tank for the 24 hours race. The stock fuel tank has 71 liters capacity. Since the purpose for the participation is test and data collection for NISMO parts, this race car does not have racing fuel tank and quick fuel charger interface. We estimate the reason of not using 100 liters racing fuel tank is that it makes the weight balance of the car different from stock.

About footwork of this car, you can see the wheels are different from stock. It is still 20inches but 6 spokes instead of stock 7 spokes. The manufacturer is the same RAYS ENGINEERING as stock ones, and the NISMO wheels look like famous RAYS VOLK RACING TE37. Of course, the details are a little bit different from original TE37s.
The reason for using 6 spoke type wheels is to shorten the time for tire change at pit stop. Yes, mechanics can grab the wheels easier in 6 spokes than in other designs. This is NISMO's feedback from SUPER GT race cars. This forged aluminium wheels will be sold by NISMO in the near future.
Behind the forged onepiece aluminium wheel, there is the special shockabsorber developed by BILSTEIN.
This shockabsorbers are fully adjustable type. Unfortunately, NISMO does not have any plan to publish this suspension system.

Link: NISMO GT-R Production Race Test Car at NISMO Festival 2007

The first 24 hours endurance test for NISSAN R35 GT-R. It should be quite hard run for both car, parts and team. Let's see what happens on the MOTUL NISMO GT-R at Tokachi 24 Hours Race.