Tokachi 24hrs Race Preparation Vol.5 - Test at Sendai Highland Raceway - On 6th July, NISMO conducted test run of MOTUL NISMO GT-R at Sendai Highland Raceway in north Japan.

Text: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Photo: Yoshio Moriyama

Masami Kageyama driven the MOTUL NISMO GT-R test car all the day at Sendai Hiland.
It was extremely hot day, and test was done 6 x 30min sessions for different purposes such as suspension test, braking test, drivability test, race simulation test etc.
NISMO has tried several settings of the car for the various situation at 24 hours race.
In afternoon session, the GT-R lapped 11 laps continuously and NISMO team collected fuel consumption data, brake pads and tire durability data etc.
These data are necessary to make the 24 hours race strategy.