Tokachi 24hrs Race Preparation Vol.6
- Test at Sendai Highland Raceway -

On 6th July, NISMO conducted test run of MOTUL NISMO GT-R at Sendai Highland Raceway in north Japan.

Text: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Photo: Yoshio Moriyama

We introduced white GT-R was used for build the race car at NISMO team factory, but on the test day, the MOTUL NISMO GT-R test car had vivid red color. Of course, the car itself is the same one, and the body color is the MOTUL NISMOGT-R's red, but the car does not have sponsor stickers on it yet. On 20th July, the race day, the car will be dressed up with all the sponsor logos and appear at the Tokachi International Raceway.
This time, we show you the details of the MOTUL NISMO GT-R race car.
At first, look at the grill and ducting modifications. Nismo have made obviously providing a lot more airflow to the radiator and brakes. It looks like Lancia Delta Integrale that was famous in victories of WRC in 1980s to 1990s.
On the front lip spoiler, the carbon fiber brake air intake is added.

The wheels close up are now sporting Nismo logos and from the rear you can see an additional differential oil cooler.
Brake discs are stock ones, but suspensions are fully adjustable BILSTEIN suspensions. NISMO has fitted a lot of sensors to collect enough data from the test and the race. Yes, data collection and analysis is the main purpose for participation of Tokachi 24 Hours Race.

Inside the stereo, speakers and A/C controls are gone. Replaced with simple carbon fiber panels for controls. The standard MFD is obscured by a large data display unit. Interestingly the door trims still remain along with other trim pieces like the kick plates.

We can't wait to see the final look of this race car!