Tokachi 24hrs Race Preparation Vol.4
- Test at Sendai Highland Raceway -

On 6th July, NISMO conducted test run of MOTUL NISMO GT-R at Sendai Highland Raceway in north Japan.

Text: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Photo: Yoshio Moriyama

Sendai Highland Raceway is famous circuit among the GT-R enthusiasts as the circuit was used for development for NISSAN R35 GT-R in Japan. In Germany, NISSAN used Nurburgring Nordshlife for the development, and in Japan, Sendai Highland Raceway was used for it because of its similarity except the length of the track.
The track length is 4,063m and it is still one of the longest track in Japan. The track is located in middle of mountains, and it has a lot of uphills and downhills, and complex corners continues all way long.
Mr GT-R, Kazutoshi Mizuno, CPV of NISSAN told us the reason of using Sendai Highland as Japanese testing field "Sendai Highland Raceway is very challenging circuit because of uphills, downhills, complex corners, various slants of the corners, various road surfaces etc. So it is excellent situation for checking the performance in hard condition."
Yes, as you imagine, Sendai Highland Raceway is "Japanese short Nurburgring".
So NISMO also chose this Sendai Highland Raceway for the test of the 24 hours GT-R race car.

On the test day, it was already 30C degrees even it was morning, and the test condition was very challenging for the GT-R race car.
More detailed test report will follow.