team was out at Fuji Speedway on Monday for some further track testing in the now completed Motul Nismo R35 GT-R - prepped for the 15th Annual Tokachi 24hr Endurance race coming up this weekend.

Text: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Photo: Yoshio Moriyama

A few changes have been made to the GT-R since we saw it testing at Sendai Highland raceway last week.

* Full race decals have been applied, including’s own decals
* A grille has been added in front of the cooler intake ducts
* The Nismo exhaust tips have been completed and look great
* For a number of reasons, including pit crew safety, the fuel tank had to be changed to a racing fuel cell. This is good news however as it gives an added 24 litre capacity (95 litres up from 71) which is an advantage in a 24hr race.

The countdown to the race is underway and we can’t wait to see how the Nismo GT-R does! More photos after the jump and stay tuned to GTR-World for updates from the race as it happens.