NISMO is building up their race car to participate "TOKACHI 24 HOURS RACE" that will be held in Hokkaido, Japan on 20th-21st July.
Since the purpose for the participation is test of their NISSAN R35 GT-R NISMO Optional Parts Packages, the race car remains their stock charactors.
Let's start watching the bodywork.

Text: Shunsuke Takeuchi

No Extra Body Reinforcement
The most impressive part is that you can't see the extra body reinforcement with spot weldings which is usually used on evey race car.
As has already mentioned about it in the past articles, the stock NISSAN R35 GT-R's body has quite a few spot weldings and it is quite similar to the theory of building race cars.
Kazutoshi Mizuno, the Chief Vehicle Specialist, recently described that the accuracy of the stock GT-R's chassis alignment is ultra-high, and Laser Chassis Alignment Tester's accurate calibration is even required.
The stiff body take a part of suspension work itself, and GT-R managed to lap less than 7 minutes 30 seconds at Nurburgring.
This MOTUL NISMO GT-R racecar tells us the stock body stiffness is enough for production race class, and the Bolt-in Roll Cage are mainly for safety purpose.
The extra items for the race is On-board pneumatic air jacks, Fire Extinguisher on carbon fiber mounting, Carbon fiber racing seat and so on.

Cabon Fiber Everywhere!
Bodywork is quite stock and simple, but extremely interesting are the carbon parts everywhere and lightweight lexan glass replacements.

* Carbon fiber trunk lid
* Carbon fiber Hood (aluminium reinforced)
* Carbon fiber side mirrors
* Arcrylic Lightweight rear quarter windows
* Stripped interior
* Carbon fiber racing seat
* Racing harness
* Carbon fiber gauge surround (ala V-spec interior!)
* Racing steering wheel
* Bolt-in Roll Cage
* Fire Extinguisher on carbon fiber mounting
* On-board pneumatic air jacks

The carbon fiber bonnet is not extremely lightweight because of its supporting bars behind the hood. The trunk lid is made by carbon fiber instead of stock steal, and it makes a lot of weight saving.
We could not confirm all the body parts has been already installed, so we should keep looking at the progress of building this race car.

Cool Carbon Items
It might not related to racing performance improvement, but we found very cool carbon fiber items.
At first, the side mirrors are changed to the carbon fiber ones. This dry carbon side mirrors has the same design as the stock side mirrors, but it looks racy and pretty cool.
Secondly, the Carbon fiber gauge surround is carbon fiber as well. It looks like the ones you have already seen on the spy photos of forthcoming Spec-V test car at Nurburgring earlier.
Anyways, these items should be quite popular cosmetic items for most of NISSAN R35 GT-R owners over the world if they have decided to sell as aftermarket parts.