Tokachi 24hrs Race Nissan Nismo GTR
On 30th June, Nismo announced that Nismo will participate 15th Tokachi 24 Hours Race with NISSAN R35 GT-R.
As this is the first production class race participation for NISSAN GT-R, this 24 hours endurance race is now taking a huge attention.

Nismo says the purpose of the participation is not for winning, but for durability and reliability test for forthcoming NISSAN GT-R NISMO Optional Package and MOTUL NISMO Competition Oil.

The race car has now been built by NISMO.
Of course, all the interior trims are stripped out, but it does not look like other Nissan's works race cars and quite simple.
This GT-R race car does not have power enhancement parts, and just have bolt-on roll cages, fire extinguisher, and some carbon fiber body parts to reduce the weight.
Even fuel tank is stock, and only pure racing equipment seems to be air-powered-jack.

The 24 hours race with racing speed is quite challengable for such a production race car.
We are very interested in what's gonna happen, and we support this Nismo's venture.