>R35GT-R>「FIA GTレースでGT-Rは4WDで走っているのか?」素朴な疑問にニスモ車両開発エンジニアが答える

「FIA GTレースでGT-Rは4WDで走っているのか?」素朴な疑問にニスモ車両開発エンジニアが答える

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現在、レースに参戦しているNissan GT-R Nismo GT3のメカニズムについて、ニスモの車両開発エンジニアであり、長年F1の安全向上に貢献してきたデザイナーのリカルド・ディビラが技術的な質問に答えた映像。

Can a race GT-R run 4x4? Ricardo Answers your tech questions on the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3

With 55 yrs of experience and 2000 races (380 in Formula 1) under his belt, Ricardo Divila is the legendary track performance engineer for Nismo. Likening it to a chess game, Ricardo is a master of motorsport, designing, planning and tweaking all the elements of the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 as the race, weather, driver, track and a number of other variables dictate.

In this video we grabbed some time at the track with Ricardo for him to answer some of your questions in our video comments sections, including, Can a race-ready GT-R still run 4x4? What happens with Torque Vectoring? What's the best setup for suspension?

Let us know what you think of the video - got more questions for Ricardo? Shout in the comments below!

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